Klondyke Testing Range Complex

Klondyke Testing Range Complex

The Klondyke Range Complex, located on Klondyke Station in rural New South Wales, is owned and operated by Lightforce Group’s Paroo Pastoral Company.

This licensed testing and firing range was originally developed for product research, development and testing of a variety of firearms and related products.

The range facility has been recently expanded to assist Australian sovereign capability. The range is available to, and has been used by, the Australian Defence Force and many private Australian companies to support Australian military capability.

In 2020, to assist in the increased demand by Australian companies involved in defence contracts and Australian Defence Force product development, Lightforce Group gained approval to expand the range complex.

Four Ranges Available

Range One
This range is a long distance rifle range (up to and including 12.7 mm), with mounds (butt stops) at various distances out to 2,286 metres. This range is also approved for 25mm, 30 x 113mm and 30 x 173mm cannons.

Ranges Two & Three
These are long distance 120mm cannon ranges and also suitable for all smaller cannons and small arms firing.

Range Four
This is a 3,000 metre 360 degree field range for small arms up to and including 12.7mm (50 cal).

Locations & Facilities

Klondyke Range Complex is located approximately 800km north-west of Sydney (980km by road). The nearest township is White Cliffs, 70km to the south-west. Fully catered accommodation for up to ten people is available at Tongo Station, a short drive to the north.

Bookings & Enquiries

To enquire about booking Klondyke Range Complex or to get more information about the range and other facilities please contact Lightforce Group on (08) 8440 0888 or email krc@lightforcegroup.com.au